Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: Charles Danley

Chief Operating Officer: Larry Smith

Chief Financial Officer: Donna Aultz

Clinical Director of CQI / PI: Lissa James

Chief Information Officer: Jason Cagle

Clinical Director of Children’s Services: Jeff Harlin

Clinical Director of Adult Services: Amy Hogan 

Clinical Director of Special Programs: Josh Cantwell

Director of Support Services: Ruth Herlan


Adult Administrators

Adair County:  Ashlee Wing

Afton Clinic: Michelle Clarkson

Cherokee County: Brenda Bennett

Craig County: Amy Humphrey

Delaware County: Shanda Holenda

Kay County: Malena Munger

Mayes County: Melissa Pitts-Johnson

Nowata County:  Traci Sisney

Ottawa County: Lisa Stokely

Osage County: Danielle Lacy

Payne County: Christine Hamner

Rogers  County: Justin Williams

Wagoner County: Catherine Bishop

Washington County: Matthew Spencer

Children Administrators

Adair County: Dustie Nelson

Cherokee County: Kevin Perry

Craig County: Laura Smith

Delaware County: Elizabeth West

Kay/Payne Counties: Martha Higgins

Mayes County:  Chris Brown

Nowata County: Kasandra Turbett

Osage County: Ealisa Adams

Ottawa County: Keli Keener

Rogers County: Rob Henson

Wagoner County: Elsie Mrosko

Washington County: Amber Thompson


Department Administration

Medical Records / Corporate Compliance / Performance Improvement: Lissa James

Human Resources Director:  Trica Walters

Crisis Services Director:  Nicholas Allgood

Children's Services Director:  Kim Hill-Crowell

Adult Services Director: Amy Hogan (Interim)

Agency Development Director: Janette Nuspl

Clinical Development Director: Jennifer Leggett


Medical Program

Medical Director: John Mallgren DO., Board Certified Psychiatrist

Integrated Health Services Director: Emily Shearer, APRN

Medical Services Administrator: Kim Teehee, RN


Happy boy represents mental health services for children.Middle age man represents metal health services during midlife.