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Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: Larry Smith

Chief Operating Officer: Josh Cantwell

Chief Financial Officer: Donna Aultz

Chief Clinical Compliance Officer / Wellness Champion: Lissa James

Chief Clinical Officer: Jeff Harlin

Chief Information Officer: Erin Howell


Program Management

Medical Director: Dr. John Mallgren, DO., Board Certified Psychiatrist

Integrated Health Services Director: Emily Shearer, APRN, FNP

Director of Human Resources: Trica Walters

Clinical Director - Region 1: Melissa Pitts Johnson

Clinical Director - Region 2:  Kim Hill-Crowell

Regional Directors of Outpatient Services:
Elizabeth West and Matt Spencer (Region 1);
Rob Henson and Traci Sisney (Region 2)

Clinical Director of Crisis Services:  Nicholas Allgood

Clinical Compliance Director: Jennifer Leggett

Director of Clinical Informatics: (TBA)

Director of Public Relations & Marketing: Brad Gibson

Law Enforcement Engagement Director: Jim Warring

Safety Officer: John Parker

Special Programs Project Manager: Amy Garrison

Business Services Coordinators: Trisha Shambles (Area 1), Ginger Steele (Area 11)

Controller: Bobbi Owens

Facilities Management Director: Bill Kite


Clinical Administrators

Craig County: Molly Drury

Delaware County: Shanda Holenda, Ray Moran

Kay County: Monica McCann, Malena Munger

Mayes County: Kristine Brinlee, Chris Brown

Nowata County: Kasandra Turbett

Osage County: Misty Davis

Ottawa County: Shalon Sharpe, Michelle Clarkson

Pawnee County: Valerie Isaacs

Payne & Noble Counties: Martha Higgins, Luke Carrillo,  Victoria Medlock

Rogers County: Whitney Gaddy, Laura Smith, Jordan Fratzke, Kevin Perry

Washington County: Jennifer Glenn, Casey Martinez, Amber McDonald

Multi-County: Dustie Morgan

Integrated Health Services Administrators: Kim Teehee (Region 1); Leah Wade (Region 2)


Business Office Managers

Afton Clinic: Siedra Crouch

Craig County: Jennifer Olson

Delaware County: Joanna Whitmire

Kay County: Emry Hasselbring

Mayes County: Cheyenne Jinks

Noble County: William Schwietz

Nowata County:  Kameesha Heard

Osage County: Ashley Walker

Ottawa County: Rexanna Douthit

Pawnee County: Ginger Steele

Payne County: William Schwietz

Rogers County: Donna Moore

Washington County: Kimberly Rubicam


Crisis Services Coordinators

Pryor GRAND Recovery Center: Tonya Robinson

Stillwater Urgent Recovery Clinic: Aimee McMurl

Vinita Urgent Recovery Clinic: Josh Myers

Happy boy represents mental health services for children.Middle age man represents metal health services during midlife.