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Children and Adolescents Program

Our Children and Adolescents Program is designed to help persons under the age of 18 improve or maintain their ability to live and be successful in their community, home and school environment.

Utilizing a combination of therapy and rehabilitation services for the child, adolescent, youth and family, GLMHC staff focus and build on existing strengths to improve mental health and family functioning.

Alternative Education Program

Is your child struggling with behavioral issues in school? In Ottawa County, we have partnered with POCY (the Partnership for Ottawa County Youth) and Ottawa County Schools to provide Alternative Education services for adolescents who would have otherwise been suspended or expelled from school due to behavioral issues.

Kids who have infractions at school that would typically result in suspension or expulsion are being referred to the Alternative Education Program as an “alternative” to suspension, where these youth are provided with school work from their “Home School” and are able to complete their schoolwork in a structured classroom type area.

Students are able to work in a small classroom environment, allowing for more 1:1 time if needed. The students in the alternative education program also receive therapy / counseling services in addition to being able to complete school work.

During the first part of the day, half of the students complete schoolwork assignments while the other half of students attend group therapy, individual therapy, or family therapy if possible. After lunch, the students switch focus and the group who completed schoolwork in the morning attends therapy services in the afternoon.

By providing both the educational oversight and therapeutic services, we are finding that many of these students are showing improvement after returning to their home school. In addition, once a student returns to their home school, the GLMHC clinicians continue providing services to the student in order to help them continue with their successes.

Group Activities for Children and Adolescents

Summer Kick-Off and Back-to-School Bash

Within our Children’s Outpatient services, we provide several agency-wide activities for children and adolescents. Summer Kick-Off is a day in late May or early June where youth from all seven GLMHC counties come together at a central location and play games / activities that are therapeutic in nature and designed to provide psycho-education for these youth. The kids have a lot of fun and also learn valuable life lessons related to teamwork. We also provide a “Back-to-School Bash” in early August with the same type of activities.

Camp Eagle Rock

Camp Eagle Rock is a 4-day camp experience for children ages 8 to 12. Camp Eagle Rock is provided at Sky Ranch Camp outside of Miami, Oklahoma. We take approximately 75 kids each year. Camp Eagle Rock was started 17 years ago by our Clinical Director, Lissa James. The goal of the camp is to give the children we serve the opportunity to experience a camping activity where they are able to learn a variety of skills related to team work, social skills, anger management, problem solving, etc.

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