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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we state operated?

No, we are not state operated. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation. We have a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health to provide needed services for individuals meeting state guidelines for eligibility. We also accept Medicaid and Medicare insurance.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept Medicaid, Medicare and SoonerCare insurance. For other health insurance policies, please contact your health insurance provider for information on mental health care coverage and a list health care providers that accept your insurance.

How do I get help for…

Grand Lake Mental Health Center provides a variety of services for adults and adolescents with mental health issues. You can view a list of our services here.
Grand Lake Mental Health Center does not provide the following services, but we have provided these links to help you find the services you need.

How many years has GLMHC been in operation?

We have been serving NE Oklahoma since July 1979. Click here to learn more about our history.

Who do I need to contact to make an appointment?

To make an appointment, call the GLMHC Clinic in the county in which you reside. Check our locations page for phone numbers. There is also a link on each county's page to a map for  driving directions.

What do I need to make an appointment?

When you call to set up an appointment, you will need to have these items available:

  • Social security numbers for each person for whom an appointment is being made.
  • If the appointment is for an adult, HIPAA privacy laws require that we speak in person to the adult.
  • If the appointment is for a minor, HIPAA privacy laws require that we speak to the adult who has legal guardianship/custody of the minor.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You should plan to bring these items on your first visit:

  • Medicaid card if applicable
  • Valid photo ID (except children)
  • Social security card
  • For financial assistance: taxes, pay-stubs, divorce decree showing child support or disability amounts, award letters or bank statements
  • For minors: If guardian is not biological parent, proof of guardianship must be presented

All potential consumers need to bring all the information listed to make sure they are eligible for services.

Do I need to be present during my child's appointment?

You should plan to be present for at least the first few appointments.

You have programs that are CARF accredited. Where can I obtain a
copy of the CARF report for your organization?

You may obtain a copy by writing to:

GLMHC c/o Performance Improvement Director
114 W. Delaware
Nowata, OK 74048

Where can I obtain a copy of your GLMHC Management Report/Strategic Plan? 

Copy may be obtained by contacting Lissa James @ 918-273-1841, Ext. 3030. You can also obtain a copy by visiting any office site receptionist.

Who can I contact with a question or concern about the quality of service I have received?

GLMHC's  policy states: Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc. shall provide persons served with protection from accidental or intentional abridgment of personal rights. Persons served will be given reasonable opportunity and/or access to seek relief and protection of the abridgment of personal rights. Persons served may appeal a decision of the organization's staff members or decision of the Treatment Team without retaliation. In cases where the person served has a legal guardian, the legal guardian may act of behalf of the person served. For care-related concerns, call (918) 273-1841 ext. 2211 for Lissa James, Clinical Director.

Who can present and former employees contact for work related concerns?

For employees and former employees: GLMHC's  policy states: Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc. shall provide a method by which employees are afforded the opportunity to present work-related concerns. For work-related concerns, call (918) 273-1841 ext. 2206 for Donna Aultz, Finance Director.


These services are provided by a contract with Wagoner Hospital, Wagoner, OK. The address is 1200 W. Cherokee, Wagoner, OK 74467. Phone: (918) 485-5514.  You may call this number to be transferred to their Behavioral Health Unit.

Who do I contact if I have other requests for information?

You may call the GLMHC administrative office at (918) 273-1841 ext. 0 to be directed to the appropriate staff.


Will my treatment be kept confidential?

Yes, GLMHC is bound by many rules that require us to keep all information relating to your treatment confidential. We will not release this information without a consent from you or your guardian. There are a few exceptions to this and they may be found listed in our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices document found on this website.

How can I report a complaint regarding the confidentiality of my information?

You can do this a few ways:

  1. Tell your clinician who will report the information to the County Administrator or GLMHC Privacy Officer.
  2. File a written complaint and give to your clinician, the County Administrator or mail to GLMHC to the attention of the Privacy Officer.
  3. Leave a message on the complaint hotline: 918-273-1841, ext. 2555

Corporate Compliance

How can I report a GLMHC business practice that I think may be unethical?

You may report it through the hotline: 918-273-1841, ext. 2555. You may report anonymously but if you leave your name and phone number we will be able to contact you if we have any questions regarding the complaint.

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